I thought I'd drop a quick note to let you know how wonderfully Bugs (Leonardo or 'Leo the Lionhearted') is doing.  He of course has all four of his humans wrapped around his little paw.  He's settling in well with his fellow cat housemates, Marty and Simon.  They aren't playing together just yet, but it's only a matter of time as both older boys have taken time out to wash the little guy's face after dinner. 
And Leo has done great with the dogs, though their first face to face meeting will go down in Newbury family history!  There was a brief face off when the dogs were introducing themselves (wagging tails, etc.) and then Leo turned into Kung Fu kitten and got some good nose swatting action in before CHASING both dogs out of the living room to their crates! He kept them there for a good 15 minutes simply by sitting and watching them!  Our girl dog, Violet has decided he is her baby and follows him everywhere, and insists on washing him when Leo allows. 
It's been a busy few days but everyone is settling in and growing accustomed to one another.  Thank you so much for this wonderful, spunky, cuddly little boy!