Thanks for checking in. I renamed her Lily and she responds very well to the new name. She is a good girl who clearly has had some tough treatment in the past I believe, so I am very cognizant of that if I ever feel she needs to be scolded. I would say my biggest issue I am struggling with is her fear of other dogs -she approaches dogs very aggressively with hackles raised, clearly frightened, but then tries to be dominant with the dogs which has resulted in a couple skirmishes with the other dogs. No blood or injuries have occurred but it makes me anxious as I am outside a lot and I am not sure how to get her out of that habit. Otherwise overall she has been a good partner. She does bark, just not often or annoyingly which is good for me. She gets along fine enough with my cat too, but she is definitely a hunter and obsessed with squirrels (thankfully none have been caught yet). She isn't a very loving dog inside the house, preferring to sleep anywhere else but near me but loves to go with me in the car (choosing to sit backwards to watch out the window -funny). I have a kennel in the house where she likes to sleep sometimes, but I never shut the door so she associates it as a pleasant and safe place. Otherwise we have a good routine going and I am glad I have her. I am hoping with trust and time she will turn into a great buddy. Thank you for entrusting her with me! :)