2012 Rescue Cat follow-up

Vicki stopped by on Saturday and asked if I could send some photos of our wild bunch.  So, here are some of Rick's Famous "Cat Cart", 3 of them at dinner time on the hay bales, the girls up high, and Batman (aka Danny or at our place Andy) prowling through the barn - watching Rick cleaning stalls - and checking what's outside.  He actually followed Rick out this morning and watched him let the horses out.  They walked right passed him and he just stood there.  When Rick went to go in, he followed him right inside.  I got to pet him and Kali (aka Molly) yesterday and today.  Screech (Polly) and Davey still keep their distance but come out when it's dinner time.  Batman acts like he owns the barn...and probably does.  We just aren't telling the horses that.  The boys may be loosing their foster status....I have to admit we are very fond of them and want to keep them around.  I think this is the forever home for all 4 of our wild bunch.